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TSA (Cyber security) Directive - Multi-factor Authentication Notice

What is happening?
Enbridge is rolling out a multi-factor authentication (MFA) for SOLAS on 5th March 2022
This means you will NOT be able to login to SOLAS unless you are setup with MFA.

What do I need to know?
All valid SOLAS users will be receiving an email on their SOLAS registered email accounts on 2nd March 2022 with instructions to setup MFA.

What do I need to do?
  • Before 5th March 2022, follow the instructions received in your email to setup (this will be a onetime setup).
    • OKTA Registration
    • Install Google Authenticator on your mobile device
  • After your setup is complete, the MFA will take effect starting 5th March 2022 09:00 MST.
  • Please note all future login attempts will require a numeric token generated from the Google Authenticator.

If you have any questions regarding MFA, please reach out to cs-expressplattescheduling@enbridge.com immediately.

Download - SOLAS MFA setup guide